Here are a few highlights from the credits of Justin Weis at TRAKWORX:

  • THE CIRCLE (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson)
  • N2 DEEP
  • ZION I

  • Below is a partial list of Justin Weis' credits as listed on,, and
    Justin Weis - also appears on:

    The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) - "At Your Service" (live album) - Mastering
    Sammy Hagar - "Personal Jesus" (acoustic) - Mastering
    Papa Roach - "Let 'Em Know!" EP - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
    Matt Nathanson - "When Everything Meant Everything" EP - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
    Larry Coryell - "With The Wide Hive Players", "The Lift", "Heavy Feel" - Mastering
    Mose Allison - "American Legend, Live in California" - Mastering
    The Tubes - "Bell of the Pacific" - Mixing, Mastering
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - "Of Natural History" - Mastering
    Agalloch - "The Serpent & The Sphere", "Marrow of the Spirit", "Faustian Echoes" - Mastering,
    The Coup - "Steal This Album" - Mastering
    B-Legit - "What We Been Doin", "Block Movement", "Hard 2 B-Legit", "Hempin Ain't Easy" - Mastering
    Andre Nickatina - entire discography (22 albums) - Mastering, some mixing
    Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre - "Tale of Two Andres" - Mastering
    Zion I - "Deep Water Slang V2.0", "Curb Servin'", "True & Livin'", "Heroes in the City of Dope" (with The Grouch), "The Take Over", "Atomic Clock", "Heroes in the Healing of the Nation" (with The Grouch) - Mastering
    N2Deep - "Golden State", "Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish" - Editing, Mastering
    Bored Stiff - "Now More Than Ever" - Mastering
    Los Natas - "Nuevo Orden De La Libertad" - Mastering
    Pallbearer - "Foundations of Burden" - Mastering
    Slough Feg - "Digital Resistance" - Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
    Argus - "Beyond the Martyrs" - Mastering
    Ludicra - 'The Tenant" - Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
    The Golden Gods - "The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll" - Producer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Witch Mountain - "Mobile of Angels" - Mastering
    Messy Marv - "Bandanas, Tattoos & Tounge Rings", "What You Know Bout Me?", "What You Know Bout Me?, Pt. 2", "MessCalen - Part 3: I'm Wet", "Explosive Mode, Vol. 2: Back in Business" - Mastering
    Aloha Screwdriver - "No Way Out" - Mastering
    Unholy Cadaver - "Unholy Cadaver" - Mastering
    Eight Bells - "Captain's Daughter" - Mastering
    Amenra - "Mass V" - Mastering
    The Stripminers - "Frail Hope Ranch" - Mastering
    Wild Hunt - "Before the Plane of Angles" - Mastering
    AP.9 - "Mob Star: Million Dollar Remix Series, Vol. 4" - Mastering, Mixing
    I Exist - II: The Broken Passage - Mastering
    Worm Ouroboros - Come the Thaw - Mastering
    Pins of Light - II - Mastering
    Bosse-de-Nage - III - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
    The Stripminers - Movies - Mastering
    Della Terra - Patterns - Mastering
    Teacher Barb - Teacher Barb's Train to Sleepy Town - Mastering
    Smoov-E - Addicted - Mastering, Mixing
    Various Artists - Alchemetric: Underground Overstood - Mastering
    The Jacka - Million Dollar Remix Series, Vol. 1: Retrial - Mixing, Mastering
    Castles in Spain - Reminiscing Chapter V - Mastering
    Form & Fate - Sol Invictus - Mastering
    Big Tone - From the Streetz of California - Mastering
    Argus - Boldly Stride the Doomed - Mastering
    Freight Train - Burnin Down The Station - Engineer, Mastering, Producer, Mixing
    Lucia Comnes - Across The Wide Ocean - Mastering
    Hammers of Misfortune - 17th Street - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
    Cormorant - Dwellings - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
    Grayceon - All We Destroy - Mastering
    The Polish Ambassador - Future, Sex, Computers - Mastering
    Slough Feg - The Animal Spirits - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
    Whitney Nichole - 100 Strong - Mastering
    Fracas - Always Drunk and Incapable of Love - Mastering
    Josh Fix - This Town is Starting To Make Me Angry - Mastering
    Lotus Rush - Free This World - Mixing, Mastering
    Festizio - Festizio - Mastering
    Triclops! - Helpers on the Other Side - Mastering
    Bored Stiff - International EP - Mastering
    Jay Tee - Money In The Streets - Mastering
    The 808 Band - Natural Selection - Mastering
    Segue - One Race Human: A Tribute To Michael Gable - Mastering
    Shannon Curtis - Paris Can't Have You - Mastering
    Sonicbloom - Paradigm Lift - Mastering
    The Jacka - Gobots - Mastering, Mixing
    Worm Ouroboros - Worm Ouroboros - Mastering
    The Bungles - Rules to Rock By - Mastering
    Monica Marquis - So Sweet - Mastering
    Zen Thesis - Flight of Foreverman - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
    Goldtoes - Gold Club - Mastering
    Diaz - Rhyme for Reason - Mastering
    Mike Rinta - Eponymous - Mastering
    Phil Ranelin - Reminiscence: Live! - Mastering
    Stigma 13 - Black Hearts - Mastering
    Mike P. - Whipped Cream - Mastering
    Roy G. Biv - Blue Orange - Mastering
    Slough Feg - Ape Uprising! - Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
    Bored Stiff - The Sad Truth - Mastering
    BRWN BFLO - BRWN BFLO - Mastering
    T.D. Camp - Face to Face - Mastering
    X-Raided - Eternally Unforgiven - Mastering
    Stony Danza - Criminal Grind, West Coast Mafiosos - Mastering
    Saros - Acrid Plains - Mastering
    Sugar Knives - Sugar Knives - Mastering
    Wreckelekt - Wreckcreation - Mastering
    Hammers of Misfortune - Fields/Church of Broken Glass - Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
    Miggs - Unraveled - Engineer
    AP.9 - Mobtrial, Vol. 3 - Mixing, Mastering
    Nick Peace - San Nico Instrumentals - Guitar, Moog Synthesizer, Mixing, Mastering
    Thee merry Widows - Devils Outlaws - Mastering
    Triclops! - Out of Africa - Mixing, Mastering
    Errelevent - Redefinition - Mastering
    Various Artists - Million Dollar Digital 1.0 Lock -N-Load - Mixing, Mastering
    JRK - JRK and Jessica Cooke - Mastering
    Napalm and Erruption - Mixing, Mastering
    Little Muddy - Road to Bodie - Mastering
    Radishes - Strychnine - Mastering
    Bored Stiff - From the Ground Up - Mastering
    The Stairwell Sisters - Get Off Your Money - Mastering
    Mute Angst Envy - Archetype - Remastering
    Various Artists - Songs from the Big Top - Mastering
    The Jacka - Mob Trial, Vol. 2 - Guitar, Mastering, Mixing
    Equipto - 4 Ever in a Day - Guitar, Mastering, Soloist, Mixing
    Skitzo - Five Point Containment Mastering
    Fred - Sound Awake Mastering
    Filthy Thievin' Bastards - I'm a Son of a Gun - Mastering
    Mista Cane - In My Life - Mastering
    Nick Peace - Dope Tracks 4 Rap Cats - Mastering, Mixing, Guitar
    Triclops! - Cafeteria Brutalia - Mastering
    The Well Wishers - How I Won the War - Engineer, Mastering
    Make Me! - It Only Hurts the First Time - Mastering
    Radishes - Good Machine - Mastering
    Carolyn Dowd - Rare Creatures - Mastering
    The Jacka - Mob Trial - Mastering, Mixing
    Kickstarter Kickstarter - Mastering
    Roblo - Street Epidemic - Mastering
    Lower 48 - Apertures - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Pretty Black - Prince of the Streets (Bonus DVD) - Mastering
    Ludicra Fex Urbis Lex Orbis - Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
    Dru Down - Cash Me Out - Mastering
    Various Artists - Return of High Powered Double Album - Mastering
    U.N.L.V. Underground Nation Livin Violently Classic - Mastering
    Various Artists Thizz/Million Dollar Dream, Vol. 1: Green Eyes Dose - Keyboards, Mastering, Mixing, Guitar
    Hammerlock Forgotten Range - Mastering
    Mike Marshall Love, Lies and Life - Mastering, Mixing, Bass, Guitar
    Various Artists International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 8 - Mastering, Mixing
    Roblo Movement Union - Mastering
    Villain Time Machine - Mastering
    Pamela Zero Living Backwards - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Million Dollar Dream: Chapter 4: Money Muscle - Mastering
    Moh Alileche Tarwa N'Tamazagha - Mastering
    Nick Peace High-Powered - Mastering, Mixing, Bass, Guitar
    Yukmouth - 100 Racks: The Album - Mastering
    Various Artists West of Eden: The California Collection - Guitar
    Paranoids Obsessionsdelusions&Headtrips, Vol. 1 - Mastering
    Megan Slankard A Little Extra Sun - Engineer, Mastering
    The Well Wishers Under the Arrows - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing, Guitar
    Ulysses Siren Above the Ashes - Mastering
    Khadafi American Pimp - Mastering
    Ludicra Another Great Love Song - Mastering
    Various Artists - Mastering
    Kiss the Girl Touch * Mastering
    DarkRoom Familia Darkroom Familia: Northern Cali's Finest * Mastering
    Messy Marv Explosive Mode, Vol. 3: Mob Gets Explosive * Mastering
    The Jacka Shower Posse * Mastering
    Fed X Drug War * Mastering
    The Jacka Jack Artist * Mastering
    Motherscratchers Hatchet * Mastering
    Warning SF Aftermath * Audio Engineer, Engineer, Remastering
    Dienamik Life of Crime * Mastering
    Motherscratchers Cleaver * Mastering
    August Beauville * Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
    Sir Dyno Through My Eyes: Gangs, Drugs & Murder * Mastering
    Dryspell Kitty Porn * Mastering, Recording
    DarkRoom Familia Smile Now Cry Later: Original Soundtrack * Mastering
    Dyin' 2 Live Eternal * Mastering
    Spinning Jennies Peer Pressure * Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Minority Militia People's Army * Mastering
    Martin Luther Calling * Mastering
    Willburn Willburn * Mastering
    11/5 Overdose - Mastering
    The Dagons Other Ending - Mastering
    D.A.C. Music to Get Murdered By - Engineer
    Demonics Formaldehyde Injection - Mastering
    Jay Tee Latino Velvet - Mastering
    Lisa Dewey Busk - Mastering
    Lisa Dewey Mellow Day (EP) - Mastering
    Deco-D Prime Example - Mastering
    The Well Wishers Twenty-Four Seven - Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
    Equipto Cigarillos - Remixing, Mastering, Mixing, Bass, Guitar
    West Coast Killaz West Coast Killaz - Mastering
    Ante Up Why Would I Lie? - Mastering
    Mute Angst Envy South 11th Street - Mastering
    Liu Hecheng Ambush from All Sides - Mastering
    Down Factor Pure - Mastering
    Gemini Product of Pain - Mastering
    Various Artists Bosses and Blockmonstaz - Mastering
    Rydah J Klyde Tha Fly Gangsta - Mastering
    Chingiz Sadykhov Piano Music of Azerbaijan - Mastering, Mixing
    J-Diggs Both Sides of the Gate - Mastering
    Triple Threat Many Styles - Mastering
    Aziz Herawi Cry of the Mountains - Mastering, Mixing
    Various Artists Green Eyes (Million Dollar Dream) - Mastering
    Ali Akbar Moradi Fire of Passion - Mastering
    The Dagons Teeth for Pearls - Mastering
    Fracas Always Drunk and Incapable of Love - Mastering
    Fracas On Trial - Mastering
    Bray Independent Film - Mastering
    Single Single - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Paranoids Party's Over - Mastering
    Hossein Behroozi-Nia Midnight Sun: Improvisations of Persian - Mastering
    Tizzle Spittin Like Fire - Mastering
    Mindsicc Northerncal, Vol. 2 - Mastering
    M-Duce Duce's Wild - Mastering
    Mindsicc Northerncal, Vol. 1 - Mastering
    Spinning Jennies Stratosphere - Engineer, Mixing, Guitar
    Various Artists City on the Hush - Mastering
    Richie Rich Nixon Pryor Roundtree - Mastering
    Papa Roach She Loves Me Not - Engineer
    Devino Fortunato Cognac Loungin' - Editing, Mastering
    Smoov-E Assuefatto - Mastering
    Miggs Anyway - Mastering, Mixing
    Various Artists Northern Expozure, Vol. 4 - Mastering
    Playboi Playboi - Mastering
    Project Affiliated 2 Sik - Mastering
    Remixx Dear Lord (Sony) Mastering
    Mac-Al Certified Mackin' Mastering
    Goldenchild & Andretti Party Thang Mastering
    Discord Aggregate The Texture of the Sky Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Time Spent Driving Walls Between Us - Producer, Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Mac-Al I Know You Hate This - Mastering
    Curbside Reclaim Layout Concept
    Various Artists Northern Expozure, Vol. 2 - Mastering
    Spinning Jennies Peer Pressure Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
    Flying Blind Push - Engineer
    Burke The Year of You - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Ploughound Focus on the Candy - Mastering
    Tenfold Un Animo - Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Lowdown The Dirty Dozen - Mastering
    Dub My Way or the Die Way - Mastering
    Various Artists International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 3 - Engineer
    Songo Havana Soul - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Filthy Rich Ridaz Filthy Rich Ridaz - Mastering
    Otaku Bitwise Operators - Mastering
    Deco-D Surgery on the Game - Mastering
    Demonics Demons on Wheels - Mastering
    Disc-O-Ya!X's Listos Pa'Atakar - Mastering
    Blue Sky Roadster Roller Coaster Goodbye - Engineer, Mixing
    American Diesel Machine American Diesel Machine - Engineer, Mastering
    Alexis The Rhythm - Mastering
    Remixx Dear Lord (Swerve) - Mastering
    Drum Machine Technicians Terminal Illness - Mastering
    Various Artists Northern Expozure - Mastering
    Hempire Syndo In This Day N Age - Mastering
    Minority Militia Criminal Network - Mastering
    5150 Illegally Insane - Remastering
    DarkRoom Familia Felony Consequences - Mastering
    Sir Dyno Chicano Chronicles - Mastering
    DarkRoom Familia Traficantes - Mastering
    DarkRoom Familia Veteranos - Mastering
    Side Industry Everyday Life - Mastering
    Lowdown of Darkroom Valley of Death - Mastering
    Disalusion Get It All - Mastering
    Redfish Bluefish Redfish Bluefish - Mastering
    P.S.D. Bread Head - Mastering
    Various Artists Cue's Hip Hop Shop, Vol. 1 - Mastering
    Various Artists Campaignin' - Mastering
    Various Artists Southern XXX-Posure - Mastering
    Taydatay Anticipation - Mastering
    Crooked Path Which Way Is Up - Mastering
    Various Artists Penitentiary Chances - Mastering
    Baldhead Rick UNLV - Mastering
    Latino Velvet Clique - Editing, Mastering
    U.D.I. Drinks on Us - Mastering
    Blue Sky Roadster Julio's Dream - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Chingiz Sadykhov Songs of Azerbaijan - Mastering
    Linda Rice Softly and Tenderly - Editing
    Necati Celik Yasemin - Mastering
    Various Artists Huckleberry House 30th Anniv. Jam - Mastering
    Discord Aggregate The Attack of the Absolute Zeros - Mastering
    Various Artists Million Dollar Album - Mastering
    Million Dollar Dream This Is How We Lay Low - Mastering
    Blue Sky Roadster The Magnificent Seven Social Club - Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
    Demonics R.I.P.S.T.P. - Mastering