Owner/engineer Justin Weis works hard to realize your vision for your music. Trakworx offers the sweet sound of analog recording combined with the precision and recall of digital/analog hybrid mixdown. A 2" 24 track analog recorder along with first rate microphones, preamps, equalizers, and compressors, capture warm, brilliant sounds. A 700 square foot tracking room with ceilings 20 feet high, and two custom designed isolation booths provide excellent acoustics for getting great tones. Tracks are then mixed using a Pro Tools HD 3 Accel system enhanced by a Burl B80 Mothership digital audio converter for an extremely natural sound. A Burl B32 Vancouver analog summing mixer provides increased punch, clarity, and depth to your music.

OVER 40,000 SONGS MASTERED (and counting!). ONLY $40/SONG.
22 years of experience and great gear yield stellar sounds. Low overhead costs ensure that you get them for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. World class analog tube equalizers and compressors are used to fine-tune and enhance your sound. Ampex ATR 102 1/2" 2 track tape can be incorporated to add classic analog tone. Burl Audio B2 Bomber digital audio converters are used for their musical sound quality. Your songs can be edited, faded and spaced. Levels and frequency response will be balanced and brought to industry standards while preserving clarity and punch, allowing your music to translate well on a wide variety of playback systems. Thanks to the internet and the mail, it's easy to send your music to be mastered at Trakworx from anywhere in the world. Feel free to make contact no matter how far away you are, just email: justinweis65@gmail.com

ADVANCE BOOKING IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Trakworx gets very busy sometimes. There can be a long wait to get in.

BE PREPARED FOR MASTERING Here are 4 important things you should know before mastering:

1. PLEASE WATCH YOUR MIX LEVELS. NO LOUDNESS MAXIMIZERS ON THE MASTER FADER AND NO CLIPPING PLEASE. It is normal and preferable for songs to sound about 1/2 as loud before mastering. It is the job of the mastering engineer to bring the levels up at the end of the process using the proper equipment. Before mastering, louder is not better. When mixed too loud, the sound waves become clipped, causing the highs to sound harsh, and the low's to lose "punch". This is the most common problem before mastering. It is best to have a master fader in your mixing session, and watch the master fader's meter. Do not allow the master fader's meter to hit the red at the top. If it hits the red, then pull the master fader down. Please do not put any limiters, maximizers, or mastering plug-ins on the master fader (you will only be tying the hands of your mastering engineer by doing his job before him). This does NOT mean that you shouldn't use processors and effects on the individual tracks within your mix. Following this advice will result in a better, more professional sounding final product for you and your listeners.

2. FILE TYPES: for best quality render your mixes as 24 bit wave or aiff files at whatever sample rate you are already using. They can be on CD-R, DVD-R, flash drive, or Mac compatible hard drive. Files can also be uploaded for free via https://www.wetransfer.com, http://www.hightail.com, http://www.sendspace.com, or Dropbox (send to: justinweis65@gmail.com ). Audio CDs are OK too, but they are 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, and therefore slightly lesser quality than 24 bit data files. You can bring 1/2" analog tape, 1/4" analog tape, or DAT. Please avoid MP3s or AAC files - the audio quality of MP3s and AACs is inferior (see #3 below).

3. BEWARE of MP3! itunes and many operating systems/media players have a nasty habit of automatically converting every song to AAC or MP3 when you import it, without you even knowing it. Even though you burn it onto an audio CD or convert to a wave file, it is still an MP3 QUALITY file; the damage has been done and cannot be undone. Any song that has been converted to MP3 or AAC at any point is data-compressed and not the best quality for mastering. This also applies to 2-track beats that are used to record vocals over. Files should never be MP3 or AAC until after mastering when they are used for digital distribution.

4. PLEASE BE ORGANIZED. It is much better for the mastering engineer to be focused on enhancing your songs rather than on finding them. Please know your song order and titles. If you're bringing audio CDs, it helps to have the songs in order on 1 disc. If you're bringing data files, please have all songs properly labeled and in 1 folder.



  • $40 per song - for songs up to 7 minutes in length
  • $50 per song - for songs over 7 minutes in length (for songs over 10 minutes long - we'll just work something out)
  • $0   2 free mastering revisions
  • $20 per alternate version of a song (instrumental, vocal only, radio edit, vinyl optimized, etc.)
  • $20 per recall master (remastering a revised mix using the same mastering settings)
  • $40 to master a revised mix if new mastering settings are needed

    RECORDING, MIXING - $60/hr - Includes engineer and studio.

    Here are some excerpts from TRAKWORX'S 100% 5 STAR YELP REVIEWS:

    "Justin was even victorious when matched against Universal Records top Grammy Award Winning engineers!" - Ben S. - Santa Ana, CA

    "I am a professional sound engineer ... I was very specific about how I wanted the masters done and he nailed every one of them.  He went beyond what I thought could be done with them. His work is brilliant. ... Last, he should be charging much more for his services." - Danny B. (Audio Engineer) - San Anselmo, CA

    "His ability to take a so-so home recording and make it sound finished and professional is amazing ... I've sent a couple things to other places to see what they do - high-end, world-famous mastering houses - and, honestly, Justin's results are right on par with those places, at a TINY FRACTION of the price." - Jamie H. (Audio Engineer) - South Pasadena, CA

    "Actions speak louder than words and HE DELIVERED!!! ... I swear he read my mind on some of those songs." - kevin b. - Los Angeles, CA