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Studio owner and mastering engineer Justin Weis has mastered over 50,000 songs.

25 years experience. Top gear. Standout sound.

Ask for a FREE online mastering sample.

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Trakworx has online mastering customers from all over the world.

Feel free to make contact no matter how far away you are.

Advance booking is recommended. Trakworx can get busy.

Short notice jobs can sometimes be accommodated.

email: justinweis65@gmail.com

Best Format for Mastering: 24 bit or 32 bit stereo WAV or AIFF files at original sample rate with no clipping and no loudness maximizers please (scroll down for more detailed info).

File Upload: For online mastering use trakworx.wetransfer.com or Dropbox to justinweis65@gmail.com . Please include your name. 

Payment: PayPal to justinweis65@gmail.com or Venmo to @Justin-Weis or credit card. Please include your name. Thanks!

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Trakworx Online Mastering Studio Full Range Audio Monitors

Mastering Studio:

Accurate full range monitor speakers and acoustic room treatments ensure great results.

World class analog tube equalizers and compressors are used to fine-tune and enhance your sound.

Vintage and modern analog and digital tools are combined to bring out the best qualities of each.

1/2" 2 track tape can be incorporated to add classic analog tone.

Burl Audio digital converters are used for their musical sound quality.

Trakworx Studio has the gear to get the job done right.

Mastering Process:

Levels and frequency response will be optimized and brought to industry standards while preserving clarity and punch, allowing your music to translate well on a wide variety of playback systems.

Songs grouped as an album or EP will be balanced together for a cohesive listening experience.

Your tracks will be trimmed, faded, and spaced for optimal presentation and flow.

Care is taken to harmonically sweeten and maximize your sound.

Tracks mastered for digital distribution will be delivered to you as 16 bit 44.1kHz WAV files unless otherwise requested.

Masters for CD replication can be delivered as sequenced, spaced and numbered 16 bit 44.1kHz WAV files or as a DDP image file including CD Text and ISRC Codes.

Tracks optimized for vinyl will be 24 bit and formatted as record sides, meeting certain technical specifications.

Trakworx Online Mastering Studio Ampex ATR 102 1/2” 2 Track Analog Tape

Preparing for Mastering:

1. Please Watch Mix Levels: In short, no loudness maximizers on the master fader and no clipping please.

It is normal and preferable for songs to sound about 1/2 as loud before mastering. It is the job of the mastering engineer to bring the levels up at the end of the mastering process.

Before mastering, louder is not better. When mixed too loud, sound waves become clipped, causing distortion and loss of "punch." This is the most common problem before mastering.

It is best to have a master fader in your mixing session. Please do not allow the master fader's meter to hit the top (0dBFS). If it hits 0dBFS then lower the master fader (this may require adjusting dynamics processors inserted on the master fader).

Please do not put brickwall limiters or clippers on the master fader (you will only be tying the hands of your mastering engineer by doing his job before him). This does not mean you shouldn't use processors and effects on the individual tracks within your mix.

Following this advice will result in a better, more professional sounding final product for you and your listeners.

2. Audio Files: For best quality, render your mixes as 24 bit or 32 bit WAV or AIFF files at the sample rate you are already using.

Audio files can be uploaded for free via trakworx.wetransfer.com, Dropbox or similar service. (send to: justinweis65@gmail.com).

Files can be on data CD-R, DVD-R, flash drive, or Mac compatible hard drive. Audio CDs are ok too, though they are 16 bit audio and therefore slightly lesser quality than 24 bit data files. You can bring 1/2" analog tape, 1/4" analog tape, or DAT.

Please avoid MP3 and AAC files if possible. The audio quality of MP3s and AACs is inferior. iTunes and many media players often automatically convert tracks to MP3 or AAC when you import them without you knowing it. Even though you may burn an audio CD or convert back to WAV the damage will not be undone. Conversion to lossy formats should only occur after mastering is complete.

Thank You!

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