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Mastering Rates:

$50/song under 7 minutes long

$60/song over 7 minutes long (if over 10 minutes long - we'll work something out!)

$25 per alternate version of a song (vinyl optimized, instrumental, etc.)

$25/song to remaster a revised mix (when you remix a song after I’ve already mastered it)

Free - mastering revisions (does not include remastering revised mixes - see above)

Free - mastering sample (1 per customer)

Bulk discounts for larger projects available on a case by case basis - please ask.

Recording/Mixing :

$60/hour - includes engineer and studio


Cash (!)

PayPal to

Venmo to @Justin-Weis

Please include your name.

Credit card via email or phone.


File Upload:


to .

Please include your name. 

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An interview with Justin:

Excerpts from Trakworx's reviews:

(Justin secretly reads these when he wants to feel good about himself)

"Mastering at Trakworx was like putting recordings through a giant "awesome button." - Ryan S. - San Francisco, CA

"His CD mastering is on par with studios costing 10 times as much. He has the best and most interesting gear and he is totally ninja with it." - Marc B. - Santa Cruz, CA

"Justin was even victorious when matched against Universal Records top Grammy award winning engineers!" - Ben S. - Santa Ana, CA

"I am a professional sound engineer...I was very specific about how I wanted the masters done and he nailed every one of them. He went beyond what I thought could be done with them. His work is brilliant....last, he should be charging more for his services." - Danny B. (audio engineer) - San Anselmo, CA

"His ability to take a so-so home recording and make it sound finished and professional is amazing...I've sent a couple things to other places to see what they can do - high end, world-famous mastering houses - and, honestly, Justin's results are right on par with those places, at a tiny fraction of the price." -Jamie H. (audio engineer) - South Pasadena, CA

"Actions speak louder than words and he delivered!!!... I swear he read my mind on some of those songs." - Kevin B. - Los Angeles, CA

"The bottom line:  Justin put to shame a couple of very expensive, high-end, New York recording studios/engineers.  Plus he's a nice guy without attitude.  All of that and a good price -- what more could you ask for?" - D L. - San Francisco, CA

"Justin Rocks!! I was skeptical because I had never gotten anything mastered before but its ridiculous how good it makes even the simplest of tracks sound." - David A. - Berkeley, CA

"If you are sending your stuff to get mastered by anybody but Justin at Trakworx then you are a damned fool." - James S. - Martinez, CA

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